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Founded by Eva Mullineaux, Simone Strategies strives to provide personalized digital marketing services to small businesses across the world and to amplify the voices of those who have historically not been heard, using tools such as SEO.

How SEO can help you

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to make your website easily accessible and readable to Google’s algorithm and other search engines so that your page ranks for the most relevant keywords. Done completely organically, SEO can lead to increased traffic and drive conversions for your business, no matter the size. 

However, it is your actual potential clients that are using your website.  SEO requires a delicate balance between optimizing for Google’s algorithm and enhancing user experience and the usability of your site.  Combined with web design services with Simone Strategies, SEO will transform your business and increase your company’s revenue.

I’m Eva Mullineaux,

founder and CEO of Simone Strategies. I use my experience running SEO campaigns for local and international clients, researching consumer behavior and UX across different industries & markets, and the tenants of decision sciences to deliver results for your business.

Eva Mullineaux

Who Am I?



I have worked in SEO and consumer behavior research at a number of agencies between New York City and London.  I made the jump to client-side marketing before establishing my own agency upon my graduation from Barnard College of Columbia University.  Combining my study of psychology, my academic interests in human-computer interaction and decision sciences, I offer a unique perspective to my SEO and digital marketing clients.

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