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We are a completely personalized, full-service, remote digital marketing agency, with a speciality in search engine optimization, paid search marketing, and web design.

What can Simone Strategies do for you?

Simone Strategies, helmed by Eva Mullineaux, draws on experience in search engine optimization and consumer behavior research to drive conversions and deliver results for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Help your website rank in the top results on Google for the keywords that are relevant to your business. Click to learn more.


Competitive & Consumer Research

Based on real psychological phenomena and consumer behavior research in the field, Simone Strategies can help you unlock what your clients really want. 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Reach the people that you know you need to reach with PPC advertising through Simone Strategies.

Web Design

Need help making your website appealing to potential customers and also readable to Google? Simone Strategies can offer web design advice for the best website imaginable.

Branding Strategy

Brand continuity represents a unified face to the world, which in turn makes your company more trustworthy to clients. Create a cohesive brand strategy with Simone Strategies.

Facebook / Instagram Paid Advertising

Gain access to Facebook’s incredibly powerful advertising platform and precisely target your desired consumers while building a brand-coherent social media profile.

Clients We’re Thrilled to Work With

Sugaring London

Simone Strategies has been helping Sugaring London with their paid social media advertising and has seen incredible results so quickly, thanks to our unique approach tailored to each clients’ needs. Learn more about Sugaring London’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns here or how our paid Facebook and Instagram advertising services can help your company today.

“Eva is clear, consistent, and has a keen interest in doing well for her clients!”

-Tanja Westendorff, Sugaring London


Increase in Bookings MoM from Social Media Channels

Simone Strategies has been consulting on SEO services for Vertrax and has seen an amazing increase in traffic to the website from organic search, as well as an increase in rankings for keywords that drive revenue and new leads for the business.  Learn more about our SEO services and how Simone Strategies can help your company today.


Increase in Traffic from Organic Search during Engagement


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